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Dear friend, I pray that you may prosper in

every way and be in good health physically

just as you are spiritually.

3 John 1:2 HCSB

Join us for a season of Fasting & Prayer!

Morning Prayer Information

Morning Prayer takes place at 10AM on:

• Saturday January 13, 2024

• Saturday January 20, 2024

• Saturday January 27, 2024

Fasting Information

Types of Fasts:

• 21-Day Daniel’s Fast: Fruits & Vegetables

• 21-Day Soul Fast: Give up social media & other distractions

• 7-Day Fast: Fast with us for 7 days

• 3-Day Complete Fast: Only water & fruit juice for 3 days

• Partial Fast: Fast with us from 9AM-6PM or Sun Up to Sun Down

Three Focuses

We have created handles for you to follow along with us

for the next couple of weeks.

We pray this encourages your journey.


Read the Gospel of John:

One chapter a day


Attend morning prayer:

Saturday | 10 AM


Reflect on God’s Goodness in 2023

Write down your prayers for 2024


Prayer and Meditation:

Use the Lord’s prayer & listen to God daily


Read Proverbs:

One chapter a day


Engage in Healthy Community:

Join a Light Group


Seek Wise Counsel:

Become a Mentee / Consider Counseling


Make a Difference:

Become a Superhero & fulfill your God-given calling


Establish Values


Make value-based decisions



30 minutes / 3 days per week


Eat Healthy & Drink lots of water


Cut off the TV & log off social media:

Enjoy a hot tea & go to bed earlier