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Journey Information

How old do you have to be to join the Flourish[ing] Journey?
6th grader in middle school and older. Recommended for ladies who have started their menstrual cycle. Ladies under 18 years of age will need parental approval.


What are the monthly and weekly requirements of this journey?
Weekly gatherings with your mentor will be required.
Monthly brunches every 1st Saturday of the month from June to September.


Am I required to attend the monthly Flourish[ing] brunches?
Yes, please prioritize the following dates:

  • Saturday, June 10th from 10am – 12pm
  • Saturday, July 8th from 10am – 12pm
  • Saturday, August 5th from 10am – 12pm
  • Saturday, September 2nd from 10am – 12pm


Do I get to pick my mentor?
No, the Flourish[ing] Team is intentional with the matching process. We seek to be in a time of prayer and fasting as we match.


Is there a cost for this Flourish[ing] Journey?
Yes, there will be an all-inclusive charge for the Flourish[ing] Journey. This is an all-inclusive fee which includes the cost of the book, monthly brunches, leadership training, paper material goods, video content, time with Pastor Kaira, and more. This cost is due a week after receiving approval to the Flourish[ing] Journey. Please see Flourish[ing] Journey packages below.


Flourish[ing] Journey Packages:
(to be paid upon approval to Flourish[ing] Journey)

  • Package 1: Flourish[ing] Journey Book – $50
  • Package 2: Flourish[ing] Journey Book and Flourish[ing] Planner – $75
  • Package 3: Flourish[ing] Journey Book, Flourish[ing] Planner, and Flourish[ing] Water Bottle – $90