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Shining the light of Jesus,

by loving on our city

in practical ways.

For 7 Days we want to cover our city with the love of Jesus.

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Through your giving


and service, you


make a difference that


impacts lives


all over our city.

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Join us for 7 Days


of Fasting & Prayer.

As we serve our city, we also want to grow in our faith!

Click below for some information on Fasting.

Additional Information

Morning Prayer:


Join us Monday – Friday starting at 6:30AM for prayer and worship at our

Granary Row location:

317 E Diamond Avenue, STE 201

Gaithersburg MD, 20877


Types of Fasts:


  • 21-Day Daniel’s Fast: Fruits & Vegetables


  • 21-Day Soul Fast: Give up social media & other distractions


  • 7-Day Fast: Fast with us for 7 days


  • 3-Day Complete Fast: Only water & fruit juice for 3 days


  • Partial Fast: Fast with us from 9AM-6PM or Sun Up to Sun Down