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Dear friend, I pray that you may prosper in every way and be in good health physically just as you are spiritually.

3 John 1:2 HCSB

Join us as we gather together for a season of Fasting & Prayer.


Morning Prayer:

Monday – Wednesday at 6:30AM at our Granary Row Location

Types of Fasts:

21-Day Daniel’s Fast: Fruits & Vegetables

21-Day Soul Fast: Give up social media & other distractions

7-Day Fast: Fast with us for 7 days

3-Day Complete Fast: Only water & fruit juice for 3 days

Partial Fast: Fast with us from 9AM-6PM or Sun Up to Sun Down

Three Focuses:

We have created handles for you to follow

along with us for the next couple of weeks.

We pray this encourages your journey.


Read the Gospel of John:

One chapter a day


Attend morning prayer:

Monday through Wednesday | 6:30 AM


Reflect on God’s Goodness in 2021

Write down your prayers for 2022


Prayer and Meditation:

Use the Lord’s prayer & listen to God daily


Read Proverbs:

One chapter a day


Engage in Healthy Community:

Join a Light Group


Seek Wise Counsel:

Become a Mentee / Consider Counseling


Make a Difference:

Become a Superhero & fulfill your God-given calling


Establish Values


Make value-based decisions



30 minutes / 3 days per week


Eat Healthy & Drink lots of water


Cut off the TV & log off social media:

Enjoy a hot tea & go to bed earlier