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2021 was


truly a year


to remember!

We saw God move in our church in so many ways as

we headed out of a season filled with unknowns.

Here is a quick look back at our 2021 Annual Report.


With in-person gatherings becoming the new normal again, we saw our church transition from online to in-person averaging 347 individuals each weekend at our Granary Row location.   But let’s not forget about our Online Family! We saw an average of 956 individuals join us across our 4 Online experiences every Sunday.   Whether you join us in-person, or on Facebook, YouTube, or live.highlight.church, we are thankful you are here and a part of our family!

But let’s not just look at attendance,

let’s focus on participation!

Here at Highlight, True Life looks like this:

Know Jesus, Build Relationships, and Make a Difference

Light Groups

We ended the year off with 20 Light Groups for people to get plugged into with an average of 130 individuals joining each week. People building relationships and growing in their faith!


We saw our Superhero team grow as we added 104 new faces to our team! That means 104 more people are equipped, trained, and ready to make a difference here in our community!


2021 was also a year where YOU gave above and beyond. As a church, you trusted God with your finances, and together we gave $622,496.18 in 2021! That is a 24% increase in annual giving from 2020. This enables us to continue to make an impact here in our city and beyond. Families will be restored, people set free, lives forever changed because of your generoisty. 

Highlight the City

Another way we gave above and beyond is through Highlight the City! By serving alongside local outreach partners, we are able to shine the light of Jesus throughout our community in practical ways.  We have regular events throughout the year and in 2021, we held two Highlight the City Weeks where we have 20+ events in just 7 days to make the biggest impact we can! 10% of every dollar goes to our outreach partners, and throughout the year we served over 1361 hours with the help of 548 foot-soldiers and Superheroes!

True Life

One of the greatest opportunities we have is to help

people take their next step in their journey with Christ. 


We saw a total of 55 individuals give their life to Jesus across all of our in-person and online worship experiences. Each guest is given a Bible and a list of practical next steps to continue to grow in their faith. 


We had the opportunity to walk alongside 26 individuals as they took their next step in their faith by getting Baptized. It is always an honor to witness, participate, and celebrate those making their public declaration. 

Ready to take your next step?

If you’re ready to get involved, want more information, or would like to

speak to a member of our staff, click the button below!